6 Lies During Dark Times (Plus One)

Naomi means "My Delight". In Ruth, Naomi is faced with great testings throughout chapter 1. God is giving us insight into the effects of such testings on people. God brings people like this into our lives whom He wants to help through us.

Elimelech, Naomi's husband, dies after their family moves to a foreign land (Moab), as a result of a severe famine. Elimelech's name means, " My God is King". 10 years later her two sons die. Ruth is left with 2 daughters in law and no men in her life for security and provision. So the Question in Naomi's life at this point is, "What happens when My God is King dies?" Or what happens in the human heart when our God and King of our life allows us to be hurt when He could have stopped it? 

She hears the famine is over and decides to move back home. Naomi begins her journey home by asking her two daughters in law to go back to their homes and their gods. At this place in Naomi's life, God opens a door into Naomi's heart to allow us understanding into the thinking of people who are facing great testings.

In verse 5 of chapter 1 Naomi is left alone after her sons die. She had Orpah and Ruth with her but she felt alone. People can be surrounded with friends and loved one's and feel alone in times like these. Here are 6 thoughts that Naomi was tempted with as a result of her testings:

1. Feelings that God is against her. Chapter 1:13

2. She is beginning to lose the Value of her Relationship with God. 1:15

3. Starting to entertain the thought of turning back! 1:16

4. Attempts to Isolate herself. 1:15

5. Everything is seen through bitter eyes. 1:19-21

6. Naomi felt cursed while walking with a Friend. 1:22

None of these mind frames are true to the believer. None the less many believers and non-believers carry these thought patterns as a result of pain and hurts. Jesus answers each of these with the cross. Scripture sheds God's light on these lies satan uses. 

My challenge to each of us is to be more understanding (less judgmental) to those who are experiencing these feelings and fighting with these lies. Let's pray and share God's Word with them in love and with compassion. God will birth an Obed from these broken hearts! Obed means serving or servant!

I encourage you to remember these truths if you are in a dark time in your life, and most importantly, remember you are not alone.


Isaiah 41:10