I Just Can't.

We live in funny days when it comes to people's way of doing church (ministry). So many things are just plain crazy. We have gotten to the place where we have Christian heroes, or mega churches, big preachers compared to little ones. We spend big money on training our people on the best ways to "do church".  It's so different than Biblical church (again I mean ministry).

I'm reading in Exodus in my devotions and I'm looking at one of the Old Testament's mega ministries. Its biggest preacher (arguably), and huge hero in the faith, Moses. 

Think about these facts about God's man Moses. 

1. He was sheltered ( hidden ) as a baby.

2. He was put in the river and abandoned by his mother.

3. Adopted and raised in a worldly liberal home.

4. Went to most worldly schools of his day.

5. Killed a man as a young adult and lived on the run.

6. Did not meet God until he was 80.

These are just the highlights of Moses life. Not a good resume for applying to lead 1.6 million Jews into a long walk with God.

Here is "THE THING" that really speaks to me, and God is using this to revive my willingness to stay in the battle for Him.

Moses met God at the burning bush and was drawn to see Him more closely. Moses took his sandals off and talked with God. God was developing a relationship with Moses that was going pretty well until God dropped the big one on him. In chapter 3, God tells Moses what He (God) was going to do, then He said to Moses, "Now go" (vs 10). God called Moses to do something- to serve him! God did not say to Moses, "I need you with all your talent and abilities to help Me do My will". He simply told Moses what He (God) was going to do and then God told Moses to go!

Moses did not surrender to God's will and run towards God's will for his life. In fact, Moses argued with God to the point of making God mad (exodus 4:14). Moses gave 6 arguments why God should not try to use him. All of these are found in Exodus and are not even dealing with the complaining and griping he does after he obeys God. That's a different thought. Look at the reason Moses gave for God not being able to use him.

1. Ex. 3:11 Who am I to lead anybody?

2. 3:13 I do not know you (God) well enough!

3. 4:1 What if .... ?

4: 4:10 I am not very Good!

5. 5:22 Why me???

6. 6:12 I am so clumsy!

Moses tried to convince God that he (Moses) could not be used by God with 6 good reasons so he thought!

Look at four things God said to Moses.

1. 3:8 I (Yahweh) have come down to rescue my people! Not, "I am sending Moses to do it." 

2. 3:10 You (Moses) must go! Moses was God's chosen person for that job.

3. 3:12 I (Yahweh) will be with you! (Boom baby! That's the KEY!)

4. 4:11 I (Yahweh) will be with you! (Boom again)

Say this as many times as needed so we don't forget Who is doing the work. Him through us not Us for Him!

Simply stated, too much of ministry these days is done through our strength or good marketing strategies and on people's personalities. It's successful in man's eyes, but here is my point. If you are doing something God has called you to do, then don't let all this fan-fair and big lights and movie star stuff steal the significance of your work. We are not any different than Moses. God is the one who does the work we are called to! He has chose you (us) to let Him do it through you! It's not your talent, your  charisma, your abilities, or even your choice! If God called you to do something my friend, He called you to serve Him with all your heart and to walk with Him. He is the one who does the job. When our job is over, we want people to see what God did, not what we did. If God has given you His call, you must go (3:10)! But don't let this world's way of doing things get you trying to serve God in your own strength. That is disobeying God. Ask God to do it though you and trust Him not yourself. And if God has given you a job, figure out a way to make it fun!     

Frank Penley
Isaiah 41:10