Wake Up!

Have you ever been woken up from sleep by someone coming to you for a need they have? Do you remember your first feelings? With us, how we handle being woken up from a deep sleep depends on who is committing the act and how much we care for them.

  In Psalm 59 David is being attacked by a friend he has been loyal to, who is trying to kill him. In verse 4 he cries out, "Wake up! See what is happening and help me!" David is demanding that God , "Wake Up" for him, now! In Matthew 8:25 the disciples do the same thing to Jesus. "Lord save us! We are going to drown!" The storm was greater than "the Jesus" they had in their boat at the moment! Can a boat sink with Jesus in it? If you were to ask the disciples that question at that moment they would say yes!!!

  In both of these situations , David's and the Disciples, it is easy for us to see that God is in control! "The boat is not going to sink, David is not going to die! But what about the storm in your life, the boat you are in that's taking on water, or the life threatening situation you are in? It seems a little less obvious how it's going to turn out. Let me ask you to think about something from God's word that you can be sure is true in your life today. God is in control, and he has allowed this storm in your life! My advice to you is to find a quiet place alone and "Wake Jesus Up". He seems to be ok with us doing that! He loves you enough, wake Him up, and tell Him all about it, until He sends peace! Your faith will grow and your prayer life will be more beneficial!


Frank Penley
Isaiah 41:10