Trusting in the Desert

There is no better thing than when you find yourself in a tight spot and really need God to "move a mountain" for you, and He does! It is in these moments our faith is at it's strongest. But what about when you are in a desert place, dry and lonely, and God has not split the rock and given you fresh water?

  In Psalm 78 The Lord takes us back to school in a history of Israel's wilderness wanderings. In verses 16-22 God shows that He gave abundant water for 1 1/2 million + people by splitting a rock in half and water flowing from it! Take a minute to think about that one. But then, He says (17-20) the people keep sinning against Him, they stubbornly tested God, they even spoke against God Himself... all just after such a miracle. Their sin was, that in all God was providing for them, they wanted their desires that God was not providing ( meat instead of Manna). They said, "God can give us water but he can't furnish us with a table filled with our desired meat".  The verses 21 - 22 says God was furious, because of two things: 1. They did not believe God, and 2. They did not trust Him to care for them.

  I believe God is the God of unanswered prayer as much as He is of answered prayer. Let me restate, God is in control of how much I do not have as He is in control of providing what I have or need. He is in control of when the rock splits and abundant waters flow, and He is in control when it does not. I believe that Ps. 78 is God's request for His kids to not just believe that God can do miracles but that with each miracle we receive, we grow stronger in our trust for Him (Faith). We should also surrender to God as our authority, and trust that He miraculously provides our needs as we surrender to His choices for our lives. God is the God who meets my needs, but who wants me to need His will and way over my own in my life!

Frank Penley
Isaiah 41:10