Thought From The Word

This week God has provided for 2 needs that our church has prayed for for some time now. We were able to send Hemanth in India the full amount of $3,000 for transporting the tabernacle for one year. This means that thousands of Hindu people will be given a clear Gospel message over this next year! Secondly we paid our trailers off in full! Praise the LORD!!!

Gen. 1:1 "In the beginning God", I am beginning my Bible over today for my private devotions. These first 4 words struck me in a new way as I began. You see, I am in a mental battle and have been for a while and am in need of hearing from God. I opened my word and began brand new start through God's word and hoping for a touch or thought or something for today. I read, "In the beginning God" and it dawned on me that God worded His beginning to us as a PROMISE. He also gives a testimony of Himself to each of us with every verse in chapter 1. My thought for us in this is that no matter where or what we are going through, "in the beginning GOD"! No matter how we feel, or how Weak our faith, as we start our day, "GOD"! God is with me, over me, God of my circumstances, and author of my faith. In my life today "GOD" ... And I can trust Him!!! I am so thankful for God's Hand in our lives! Let's trust Him and share Him with those who need Him!

Frank Penley
Isaiah 41:10